The Many Advantages of Porcelain Flooring

01 Apr

Porcelain floor tiles are known for being more durable, water resistant and purer than other ceramic materials. Brands such as Rak tiles manufacture a range of porcelain tiles that can be used for both wall and floor installation that offer a lot of flexibility when choosing the design. Here are the many advantages of porcelain flooring:

Water Resistance

Due to porcelain being very dense, it is much more liquid resistant than other ceramic tiles that are more porous. When coated with a glaze of melted glass, porcelain tiles are completely waterproof.

Stain Resistance

Porcelain tiles are naturally stain resistant due to their low water absorption rate. If a staining agent happens to hit the tile it is unlikely it will leave a stain as long as it is removed as soon as possible.


Porcelain tiles are solid, dense and hard making them resistant to hard impact and useable in heavy traffic areas. The tiles are much more durable than other ceramic tile options and will survive longer with regular use and maintenance.

Low Maintenance

With porcelain tiles being stain and water resistant they also need very little maintenance to keep them looking fresh and clean. Regular sweeping and wiping with a cloth or mop can keep the tiles looking as good as new.


As long as they are installed and cared for correctly, porcelain tiles can last for decades whilst still looking good. This makes them cost efficient as it saves on costs of replacement and repair.

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