Deciding Whether to Use a Horizontal Directional Drill or Trencher

13 Oct

It can often be a difficult decision when you need to know which piece of equipment is best for the job at hand. When deciding whether to use a horizontal directional drill or a trencher, there are a number of things you need to think about first. Balance the installation type, ground conditions, and cost of the project to determine which method is best for installing utilities under the ground. The decision must work out not only which piece of machinery will do the best job, but which one will be the most profitable method.

For jobs such as thrust boring, it is usually obvious which piece of equipment will complete the task at hand. But when it comes to drilling and trenching, there are many machines that can complete the work in similar ways. Just a few years ago, horizontal directional drills were great purchases but not used as often as they are now due to changes in the industry. These drills are now used even more than trenchers.

The reason drills are used more frequently than trenchers is down to economics. Open cut trenching used to be a lot cheaper than horizontal directional drilling, but now they are about the same costs. On the other hand, trenching still remains popular and will always be needed for certain jobs as a cost-effective solution. Deciding between to the two will depend on the type of job, the area and the working conditions.

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